Undiscovered And Unadulterated Travel Destinations In India

Undiscovered And Unadulterated Travel Destinations In India

When it comes to a romantic honeymoon, a getaway with friends, or a family outing, many a times people fail to acknowledge the rich diversity of Indian landscape but choose an abroad destination.

The reason for such is very simple – either they have an inclination towards more talked-about destinations or they really have no idea about some of the lesser known places in India which are not common in holiday vacation rental services.

Not having much promotion over digital media have many a times made some of the most enchanting places unknown to the world and some might say it is for better because the more people visit there, the more it starts to lose its charm among crowds. However, if you pledge on sustainable tourism and not interfering with the natural resources or local culture, here are the relatively unexplored destinations in India.

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Sis Loves Me – Celebrating over 200 episode updates!

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While trek enthusiasts would surely be acquainted with the mighty Sandakphu in West Bengal border, no many have idea about these three hamlets en route to the summit. In the Darjeeling subdivision, Tonglu at an altitude of 3070m is the 5th highest peak in Singalila Ridge.

If you are trekking or driving from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu or from ascending from Dhotre, Tonglu will be a roadside halt. There is trekkers’ hut and homestay facilities –you can enjoy the clear view of the Khangchendzongha on clear days and moonlit nights.

1.5 kilometers from Tonglu is the mesmerizing village of Tumling, through which passes the Nepal-West Bengal border. No visa is required and you can interact with the jovial local people, enjoy homemade momo and even stay at any lodges. Walk for 15 minutes to reach Meghma that is in West Bengal border and pay a visit to the monastery.

Deoria Tal To Sari Village

Another traveller’s paradise in Uttarakhand is the Deoria Tal (lake) at an altitude of 2438m.

Accessible from the villages of Sari and Mastura on Ukhimath-Chopta roadway, this trek of about 2 kilometers is an easy to moderate trek through the Garhwal Himalayan slopes filled with magnificent flora.

On clear days without much wind, the lake surface is glassy, and you can clearly see the reflections of the peaks namely Mt Chaukhamba, Kedar range, Bandarpoonch, Nilkantha and Kalang.

Pitch a tent and spend the night or trek back to Sari village to explore the rich avian fauna like Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Blue-Tail, Spotted Forktail etc.


The end point of Indian Peninsula, Cape Comorin or Kanyakumari is a place that enthralls kids, adults and seniors alike. The three water-bodies –the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal have confluence here and you will love to see the different shades of the water from dark blue to turquoise.

From Gandhi Memorial to Devi Amman Temple, Wax Museum to Sunset View Point in Kovalam, Our Lady Of Ransom Church to the Kanyakumari Beach –there is something for everyone. Explore the markets filled with a plethora of décor and ornaments made of gems, shells and more or relish the delicious seafood at any restaurant.

The Vivekananda Rock and statue of Thiruvalluvar on the sea are the best attractions due to the serene journey on the ship, the rich history of the saints and the overall tranquility it offers.

Lakshadweep Islands

One of the most underrated islands of India, the Lakshadweep islands can be reached on air to the Agatti Airport that looks magical on the blue-green sea.

You can also take a ship voyage to reach different islands like Kadmat, Kavaratti or Bangaram, each having their own mysterious charm.

Enjoy the sunset while relaxing on the powdery beach or indulge in an array of Watersports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, paragliding etc. watch the rich coral gardens and also get an opportunity to be up close with the sharks, turtles, eels, fishes of different kind and corals under supervision of knowledgeable instructors.

Majuli Island

Sprawled on the Brahmaputra River in Assam, the Majuli Island is the world’s biggest river island but remains underrated.

With around 352 square kilometers of area this island has earned the designation of a district and is forms the cultural capital in Assam.

Visit during September through March and you can explore the island on a hired bicycle or a boat. During the season of paddy, you can see up to hundred different types of rice being harvested.

The handloom clothing, cane goods and the pottery items especially are special attractions here.

Unakoti Hill And Caves

Located in Kailashahar of Tripura, the Unakoti caves on the Unakoti hills are famous for being a Shaivaite worship and pilgrim area since the seventh and ninth centuries.

While the caves of central India are popular, this destination in north-eastern India remains relatively unadulterated with its waterfalls, murals and carvings.

According to legend and as you can see on the hills, there are numerous rock statues of unknown deities, some are dilapidated, and some are broken down by banyan trees.

Visit during April to attend the grand fair of Ashokastami or in January to attend other festivals.

The paragliding sector of Kamshet, the marine life consisting of octopuses, sponges, anemones and crabs in the Narara National Park, the rock formations inside Siju Caves and the terracotta temples in Bishnupur of West Bengal can also be your offbeat places to visit.

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