Gadgets That Would Change Your Travel Experience

Gadgets That Would Change Your Travel Experience

Thinking about going to the best places in the world seems like a good idea and it most certainly is for the most part. However, the actual part where you have to sit in a plane or car and travel to the specific destination is not super exciting.

If you compare the travel experience that we have today to that which was present a 100 years ago you will sense a lot of improvement.

But no matter how good the travel experience may be, there are always some ways to make it better.

The Best Gadgets

The world that we live in today is all about technology and it is technology that can make your travel experience better. Below you will find some of the best gadgets that you can use in order to improve your travel experience.

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MYLF Membership

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If you are fond of hiking and wandering through the wilderness then you will find this product to be extra helpful. When you are hiking then you might find yourself in a situation where you are out of clean water.

LifeStraw is a product that wishes to address that issue by providing a mechanism that filters water as it enters your mouth. LifeStraw is a real life saver, all you need to do is find a relatively clean water source and start drinking water using the device.


When you are traveling then you will always have some luggage. Keeping track of that luggage can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of it. With Trakdot you can easily keep track of the position of your luggage.

The device connects to your smartphone and is able to tell you the exact location of your belongings. It is very useful especially if you have a lot of valuables in your bag that you do not want to lose.

Satechi Smart Travel Router

If you have ever travelled to another country before and stayed at a hotel, then you will certainly know the horror of having a bad internet connection. The Wi-Fi that is provided by hotels is very limited and is being used by hundreds of people at time, this results in slow speeds.

However, since you do have an Ethernet connection in your hotel room, you can use the Satechi Smart Travel Router and connect the Ethernet cable to turn it into a Wi-Fi router. The device is very small and yet very useful.


If you are a coffee lover and like to brew your own coffee then AeroPress is a product for you.

AeroPress is a product which is portable and allows the user to brew a nice cup of coffee.

It has a small form factor and that is why traveling with the gadget is easy.


Technology is something that is growing day by day and each new gadget is helpful in one way or the other.

When you are traveling, then one of the greatest device that you can carry is a tablet. Any tablet will do, may it be Android or an iPad.

However, we do recommend that you go for the iPad as it is better optimized and will provide a much better experience.

Colgate MaxFresh Wisp

If you are a person who cares for his/her dental health then you will appreciate this product.

Colgate MaxFresh Wisp is a very small toothbrush that allows you to brush your teeth without the need of toothpaste or water.

This basically means that you can brush your teeth in the comfort of your seat during a long flight.


There are some kinds of journeys that you need to make on the road. These journeys usually requires a heavy vehicle that can be driven smoothly even in the worst of terrains.

However, one thing that can be dangerous in these situations is that you can easily end up with a flat tire. With the help of Carchet you can monitor the health of your tires and drive without any worries.


These were some of the best gadgets that you will need in order to improve your travel experience. Traveling with friends is also a good way to improve your traveling experience. Traveling can sometimes be difficult, however if you have these gadgets to accompany you then it won’t seem so bad.

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